Hello, I'm Karina!

I'm an English speaking professional photographer in France, originally from the United States. I'm both American and French, holding dual nationality, and have been living in France since 2014, loving every minute of it, and photographing amazing people!

It's my passion to create dreamy, romantic, elegant, and emotional imagery for wonderful couples visiting Paris and Provence, the French Riviera and throughout France and Europe. I'm inspired by film, classic cinema, the beauty of nature, and amazing love stories. The best part of my job is meeting you--connecting, getting to know you, sharing laughter and great stories, and chatting about our travels and our lives. It's the connection with my clients that makes this all so worthwhile, and photographing your special event or special time in France is a complete honor and privilege.

I first came to Paris as an exchange student in high school and it made a huge impression on me. In 2012, I bought a little apartment here, and moved full time a few years’ later. I live in the hip, trendy and fabulous 11th arrondissement, where several times a day I can smell freshly baked pain au chocolat wafting through my windows from the bakery on the corner. You know that show House Hunters International on HGTV? Yep, I was featured on back in 2013. You can see my episode here on iTunes, # 9!

More recently, I'm also spending time in my new home in beautiful Arles, in Provence, in the south of France. What a region this is--filled with incredible beauty, from the sea to the forest, to the mountains and beyond. I love this region of France!

I began my photography journey as a videographer, with a dream of being a documentary filmmaker. Then I turned my passion to still photography, and spent many years honing my skills on landscape and travel photography (you can see my Etsy shop here).

To me there’s more to having a photography business than just taking great images. There's so many great photographers, we're all using great equipment (me too, I've invested heavily in my equipment), but being a professional photographer is not as easy as that. In addition to the technical skill required to create great images, and an innate knowledge of Paris (and Provence), you have to select a photographer you resonate with.

That's why your entire experience is really important to me. I work with you ahead of time to discuss your wishes, and help make your dreams a reality. It is truly an honor to meet so many amazing people, capture their happiness, and see Paris, Provence or the French Riviera together.

I look forward to welcoming you!

People often say they're a "professional photographer" but what does that really mean?

What is a

I'm a professional photographer in Paris and Provence, but what does that really mean? Why is it important? What are you paying for?

1) A professional photographer is a person who has acquired the skills necessary to capture meaningful moments for their clients. They understand light and color, and other technical aspects of photography. They have mastered the art of using their equipment to its potential. They also understand the essence of a good photograph and how to document special events.

2) A professional photographer never stops learning. They're always refining their techniques and style, making improvements, and investing in education.

3) A professional photographer treats their photography business as a business. It's an art, a creative skill to photograph people, but a professional will treat their clients with dignity, respect and professionalism. They'll be in communication, they'll offer their advice and expertise, and they'll create a welcoming atmosphere.

4) A professional photographer charges for their services based on their skill level and the many years of experience they've acquired.

5) A professional photographer understands their clients needs and can anticipate them, helping them feel comfortable and ensure they enjoy the process. A professional photographer also has expertise in the location in which they are photographing their clients. In my case, Paris and Provence, which I know very well.

Professional Photographer?

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