Jenny & Danny | Springtime Wedding Session in Paris

Jenny & Danny | Springtime Wedding Session in Paris

What a wonderful time of year to visit Paris, the end of March and early April starts to see the blooming of many trees and flowers. The tulips and magnolias are among the first, followed by the magnificent cherry blossom trees in mid-April. I was contacted by a lovely lady named Jenny via Instagram. Jenny told me that she and her new husband, Danny, would be making a trip to Paris in the spring, and they wanted to celebrate their marriage with photos in their wedding attire. This is a great idea!

We discussed the types of locations Jenny and Danny were interested in, of course the Eiffel Tower is always high on the list. But the beautiful architecture of the Louvre Museum really appealed to them as well. In the back of my mind, I knew I also wanted to take them to Palais Royal, because in early spring the magnolia blooms there are magnificent.

The day I met Jenny and Danny turned out to be cloudy and a bit chilly, but we had no rain. I instantly felt so comfortable with this couple from Houston, they were warm and friendly and so fun to speak with. Not to mention, of course, drop-dead gorgeous. I don’t think they could appear anything other than flawless no matter what, it was clear they’d carefully considered their outfits for the day and took a lot of time to ensure that this day was very special.

We began the day with various views of the Eiffel Tower, Jenny had a gorgeous bouquet of white roses and wore her wedding gown, which was exquisite, and Danny looked so sharp in his suit. After capturing their love story with the Eiffel Tower, we headed across town, and Jenny and Danny changed outfits.

Again, Jenny had really thought about the type of look she was going for and selected a perfectly spring-inspired gown that was jaw droppingly gorgeous. In fact, we had so many comments as we were walking in the streets, which is unusual for Paris. Everyone wanted to know who this fairy princess was! Jenny was simply stunning in this gown.

I photographed Jenny and Danny in the Tuileries Gardens, which had some magnolias blooming as well as tulips, and then we headed over to the courtyard of the Louvre Museum, which is always majestic. They still had a bit of energy (photo sessions are fun, but can be hard work sometimes!), so we went across the street to the Palais Royal, where my magnolia dreams came true!

This couple simply created a dreamscape in Paris with their beautiful outfits, attention to detail, and the way they looked at each other with passion and deep love. They were the fairy tale, and Paris was just the backdrop. For several hours I grinned ear to ear, because this was also a photographer’s dream come true, to have the opportunity to capture this beautiful love story with these wonderfully kind and elegant people.

When all was said and done, we stopped at a café, many couples do love a classic Parisian café shot, and coupled with some croissants and hot coffee, can be so pretty. A wonderful memory of a wonderful day.

My heart is full with gratitude for Jenny and Danny, for selecting me as their Paris photographer, and for spending this morning with me! I wish them so much happiness in their married life together!

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