Erin & Russ | Exquisite Nice, France Engagement Session

Erin & Russ | Exquisite Nice, France Engagement Session

As a Paris engagement photographer, I have the good fortune to photograph people visiting this amazing city. For years, I was exclusive to Paris and I loved it. But then a little thing called Covid-19 happened, and while I still work and live in Paris much of the time, I really felt called to explore other parts of France.

France is an amazing country. Most of us think only of Paris when we think of France, just like many people only think of New York City when they think of the United States. The truth is, France is filled with treasures–gorgeous landscapes, mountains and sea. Now, being based some of my time in my home in Provence, I’ve expanded my services in this most beautiful region, and this includes my work as a Nice engagement photographer and Nice wedding photographer.

Erin and Russ are a gorgeous engaged couple living in New York City. Erin is an emergency department nurse in New York, who has worked all throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. A very difficult thing to do, particularly as New York City was so hard hit in 2020. Russ is a pharmacist, and an expert in drugs. They’re two super busy people, but they really needed some wonderful time together, and chose to spend their vacation in the south of France.

They based themselves in Nice, France, and enjoyed the entire French Riviera. Erin explained to me that they were looking for a new and interesting background for their engagement photographs. She was drawn to Nice because of the colorful buildings in Old Nice (Vieux Nice) and also the Mediterranean Sea.

Nice, France is located on the southern border of France, near the Italian border. Being so close to Italy, it in fact, was once part of Italy, and it’s evident in the architecture, which is often colorful, with beautiful balconies and colorful shutters. Nice is the fifth largest city in France and has more than a million in population, which includes the outlying areas. There’s an international airport, making it easy to come to Nice from overseas, and tons to do and see. Right on the water, you can relax all day long while sipping lemonade, or if you’re more culturally inclined, you can visit many museums and art exhibits.

Nice is also a sporty town, there’s the annual Ironman triathlon event, you can ski in the nearby mountains, and run along the famous Promenade des Anglais.

The famous French Riviera is at the doorstop of Nice, and there are so many beautiful things to see both east and west of Nice, you can even easily take the train to Italy!

I met Erin and Russ at their Airbnb, in central Nice, and we walked over to Vieux Nice, where you’ll find such gorgeous, colorful buildings that are beyond charming. We started early in the morning, for the best light and also to avoid the many tourists who visit old town. Erin was dressed in a gorgeous pants outfit, the blouse portion was delicately created for her by her aunt, who is a seamstress. She looked like an angel!

Russ looked super dapper in his suit and I absolutely loved his shoes. It’s clear to see that they look like models, their love for each other dates back to a Halloween party when they were very young, and they’ve been a loving and dynamic couple ever since. So fun to chat with, they’re passionate about travel, which is why I included a few images with their suitcase, which had been brought along for the change of clothes we did halfway through (and stopped at a cafe to do).

After Vieux Nice, we went to the top of Castle Hill, with beautiful views over Nice and the sea. Then, back down to grab iced coffees at the Cours Saleya, a pedestrian-only street near old Nice, where there are wonderful open markets selling fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, and really nice souvenirs.

Nice benefits from beautiful, sunny weather almost all year long. January and February are the coldest months, with snow seen in the mountains, but not in the city. From March on, the city starts to warm, and while it can get hot in summer, the sea keeps things comfortable. Probably the best time to visit is April to June and September to November. Keep in mind though, that the beach restaurants are seasonal, and close at the end of September.

After a refreshment and change of clothes, we finished seaside, and captured their happiness set against this bright blue background. For fun (and to protect the eyes), we also used some cool sunglasses in many of these sunny shots.

When our time was over, I was just so sad to leave Erin and Russ, they are such a friendly, warm couple, and I had so much fun getting to know them a bit better and capturing them in Nice! My warmest wishes to them for a beautiful and joyful future together!

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